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Indonesia Trip September 2005

On my second trip to Indonesia I first visited three different locations in north Sulawesi (Bunaken, Sahaung/Banka Island, Lembeh Strait). To complete the whole trip I spent 10days aboard the MV Pindito for a nice cruise from Bali to Komodo and back again.
Sahaung, BangkaSahaung, Bangka
We stayed on Sahaung from 10. - 13.9.2005 and did some great dives. The diving around Sahaung and also in the blue bay in front of the resort is just spectacular. The diving is some kind of mixture.....(Weiter)
Lembeh StraitLembeh Strait
Lembeh strait is probably the most famous area for diving in north Sulawesi. So we wanted to stay there for some days too. Lembeh was definitely as great as we had expected it! I allready got a good.....(Weiter)
Bali - Komodo - Bali CruiseBali - Komodo - Bali Cruise
For the last part of my 2005 trip, I flew from Manado to Bali and went on a 10 days cruise aboard the MV Pindito from Bali to Komodo and back.
Maps & Google Earth BookmarksMaps & Google Earth Bookmarks
On my 2005 trip, I visited north Sulawesi first and joined a dive cruise from Bali to Komodo national park afterwards. On the following maps you can find the location of some of the places I have.....(Weiter)
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