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Lembeh Strait
Lembeh Strait Gallery
Lembeh Strait Map
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Lembeh Strait - North Sulawesi

Map of north Sulawesi and Lembeh Strait
For the first seven days of diving I visited Lembeh Strait. It has been my second visit to the area and IMHO Lembeh Strait is still the best muck diving destination. I've done quite a few dives on places which are supposed to be as good or better than Lembeh, but to me Lembeh Strait is still superior.

Photos from Lembeh StraitPhotos from Lembeh Strait
One more time, I have been quite lucky to spot quite a few strange creatures which I always wanted to see (plus many other too).
Lembeh Strait MapLembeh Strait Map
A map of Lembeh Strait including the position and some pictures of the dives I've done in october 2007. If you prefer to see this information in Google Earth, you can downlod the following file:(Weiter)
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